Episode 503 - "Pin a Rose on Her Nose Because it's Full of Cocaine"

Another week, another hour of inanity is served up on a silver platter for you Fair Users by the Triceratops Tribunal. Join us as we talk about Dark Knight Rises in theory, but instead discuss everything under the sun including but not limited to: NBC turning the Olympics into Cinemax After Dark, Obama's Presidential Decree On Catwoman, the Best Traffic Stop Involving My Little Pony Ever, and the Weird Seizures Of Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson guitarist, John 5. All this and the return of Uncle Buffalo!

As promised, Fair Users, here is the entire HD/professionally recorded Nine Inch Nails live concert from Buenos Aires featuring the line-up we categorically decided this week was the best NIN live line-up in history:

Here is a small clip from Rob Zombie's 2010 tour featuring his current guitarist and former Marilyn Manson member turning a guitar solo into Michael Jackson's Beat It. Were heads shaked from side to side in rock star fashion? You bet!

And finally, in the industrial metal category, here is one of the earliest live performances I can find of Marilyn Manson, on MTV's John Stewart show of all places. Watch as they nearly burn the place down and Manson almost breaks Stewart's back at the end!

After all that rock and roll pandering, what we really need is a tribute to the true heroes... in NBC's eyes. Which, of course, were the backsides of every female athlete and bands that produce cheap softcore porn production music.

And when it comes to all thing Journey and Mega Man related, you know we're on the case:

And yes, bronies, after the live, improv'd podcast we did go back and check. We are now all on the same page re: Applejack's femininity. So, to all the future emails we would have gotten, is say this:

Episode 502 - "The Appendix - the Andy Fletcher of Body Organs"

Welcome back, my friends, to episode 502 of the Fair Use Law podcast. Join us as the Triceratops Tribunal go into (probably far too much) detail about why we had to take a week long vacation, the bane of having an attractive female nurse, the evils of urinals, what not to do at the movies hours after a national tragedy, and more!

Before you saw him Rise, the Dark Knight first had to find his crime fighting voice:

Since no one really wants to see video of the medical procedure we spent most of the episode talking about, here is a robotic shell game that'll blow your mind:

Also discussed this week was the band Dope and their former guitar player who may or may not have been on an episode of Dateline's To Catch A Predator. Behold: early 00s Nu Metal Industrial! Long live the open power chord.

This week's Friggin' Taser Electric Power Outage featured the Italian Band White Pulp's song Black Out, off their latest release Vulgarity Is Not A Felony:

Check back tomorrow for a dedicated Netflix Recommendation post/comments section for weekend fun!

More Good Music You Should Know About: Innerpartysystem's American Trash

Here at Fair Use Law we like to share with you the greatest music videos floating just under the radar. So when a chance comes to feature a band for a second time thanks to a catchy song and an inventive video premise, we jump on that chance. Innerpartysystem's second EP, Never Be Content, was just released and with it the first single's music video -- American Trash. Keep watching as things progressively get more awesome as the seconds tick by:

Episode 424 - "Welcome To The Hometown Buffet Of My Armageddon"

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Episode 242 of the Fair Use Law Podcast. The reunited Triceratops Tribunal huddle up in the secret dungeon of podcasting to discuss a variety of topics including the real person who's WINNING in this Charlie Sheen mess, a thorough review of all geek-centric TV shows on broadcast TV today, the worst thing you could ever see while lasertagging, and Natalie Portman becoming this generation's Murphy Brown. All this and more Netflix movie recommendations made fresh to order just for you.

This week on the podcast, we continued our WINNING streak of recommending new Netflix Instant films for you to peruse. This week's selection was the super low budget but ultra high quality indie love story-cum-alien invasion movie, Monsters:

This week also marked the joyous re-reunion of my DVD of Cloverfield and my person. To celebrate I give you a video that only I might get, but if you are crazy enough to figure out what it is, you will love me for it. I give you "It's a Lion!"

Hulk Hogan angered the WWE this week by announcing that his good friend the "Mouth from the South" Jimmy Hart was returning to Wrestlemania to manage Jerry the King Lawler before the WWE itself could. Does Jimmy Hart managing Lawler sound odd to you? It might because you remember the #1 smash hit of the 80s: Wimpbusters!

And finally this week we discuss the recent Oscar win of Trent Reznor and his musical heterosexual life partner Atticus Ross. While I hate posting videos from You Tube that are just music with a slideshow, this video for the band Error's Homicide shows various pics of the CD itself. Marvel at how it's both a mini-CD and a regular sized CD at the same time, thereby making it the most powerful CD of all:

Good Music You Should Know About - Innerpartysystem (again)

It's always my pleasure to share with you new music videos from bands that might somehow find themselves off your radar. One such video is the new visuals added to the Innerpartysystem single "American Trash," bringing with it a motif not unlike Orgy's Stitches but with a bit of a 2011 touch:

Episode 423 - "I Awoke In Some Kind Of Depeche Mood"

Welcome to the octagon that is Fair Use Law episode 423! This week the triceratops tribunal receive manna from heaven in the form of Charlie Sheen's escapades which is just begging for a recap. We also discuss the unfortunate circumstances of reviewing Grindhouse movies, the shock rock of new wave, Alex Jones singing our favorite childhood anthems, and what movies you can willingly one star on Netflix. All this and the weirdest hentai subtitle translation of all time!

We start things off with a bit of a music video oddity. In the early 80s, Alice Cooper was too drunk to remember what his image was. So with a little help from some friendly neighborhood synthesizers, he released one of the greatest underappreciated synthpop CDs, Flush the Fashion, with its single "Clones (We're All)," which has since been covered by the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Penal Colony, Bile, and others:

Also discussed and recommended this week was the 1995 cyberpunk thriller "Strange Days," directed by Katheryn Bigelow and written by her ex-husband James Cameron. It's recently been added to Netflix Instant, so there's no reason to avoid it:

And, if you learn anything from episode 423, let it be that Honeycomb Big, yeah yeah yeah, as big as a GIANT:

Episode 420 - "Why Would ACME Make Such A Product?"

Welcome back my friends to the podcast that is buried under 3 feet of pure ice. This week on Fair Use Law, the recently thawed out Triceratops Tribunal discuss the coming Super Bowl and it's effective male repulsion, the horrible invention that is Pajama Jeans, the sad realization that the live action Smurf movie is definitely happening, a flashback to an ironic flag football injury, and help a listener with a Steampunk concern. All this and Glenn Beck vs. a Stegosaurus on episode 420!

How are you going to celebrate this Porn Sunday? The XXX Church has a few ideas of things you probably shouldn't be doing but will totally be doing anyways:

When you are done with all your Porn Sunday "activities," what's the best way to lounge around the house and recoup? Pajama Jeans, of course! They are as fashionably as real jeans and as low class and tacky as pajama pants.

With the Black Eyed Peas as Halftime entertainment for the big game, you have to wonder just who they turned down to settle on such a pick. If they are truly desperate for someone next year, may I recommend Ray Stevens, of the Streak fame. Not only are all his songs as universally awful as "Time Of My Life (Dirty Bit)," they are all vaguely racist against Muslims and full of pigheaded crazy-conservative conspiracy theories and doublespeak. Put him onstage with Toby Keith and we have a show America can be proud of:

Want to avoid Porn Sunday and/or football all together? Why not spend the Lord's Day the way God intended: by gawking over Bai Ling's incredibly weird nipples. There's no better place to do so in than with the Cyberpunk Direct-To-DVD "classic" Gene Generation:

If you are a University with access to an animation studio and Tetsuo the Iron Man director Shinya Tsukamoto, who wouldn't attempt to make a short viral clip to help promote your campus? I'm sure the follow clip will tell you all you need to know about the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, Italy:

And lastly, a very rare and a very backstage glimpse into the makings of a Wrestlemania. This year's big rasslin' event will take place in the Georgia Dome, and they just posted the following video on YouTube showing the WWE's pyrotechnic artists running some tests fireworks off to see what they could get away with on the field. Warning: it could get loud: