Episode 503 - "Pin a Rose on Her Nose Because it's Full of Cocaine"

Another week, another hour of inanity is served up on a silver platter for you Fair Users by the Triceratops Tribunal. Join us as we talk about Dark Knight Rises in theory, but instead discuss everything under the sun including but not limited to: NBC turning the Olympics into Cinemax After Dark, Obama's Presidential Decree On Catwoman, the Best Traffic Stop Involving My Little Pony Ever, and the Weird Seizures Of Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson guitarist, John 5. All this and the return of Uncle Buffalo!

As promised, Fair Users, here is the entire HD/professionally recorded Nine Inch Nails live concert from Buenos Aires featuring the line-up we categorically decided this week was the best NIN live line-up in history:

Here is a small clip from Rob Zombie's 2010 tour featuring his current guitarist and former Marilyn Manson member turning a guitar solo into Michael Jackson's Beat It. Were heads shaked from side to side in rock star fashion? You bet!

And finally, in the industrial metal category, here is one of the earliest live performances I can find of Marilyn Manson, on MTV's John Stewart show of all places. Watch as they nearly burn the place down and Manson almost breaks Stewart's back at the end!

After all that rock and roll pandering, what we really need is a tribute to the true heroes... in NBC's eyes. Which, of course, were the backsides of every female athlete and bands that produce cheap softcore porn production music.

And when it comes to all thing Journey and Mega Man related, you know we're on the case:

And yes, bronies, after the live, improv'd podcast we did go back and check. We are now all on the same page re: Applejack's femininity. So, to all the future emails we would have gotten, is say this: