Episode 423 - "I Awoke In Some Kind Of Depeche Mood"

Welcome to the octagon that is Fair Use Law episode 423! This week the triceratops tribunal receive manna from heaven in the form of Charlie Sheen's escapades which is just begging for a recap. We also discuss the unfortunate circumstances of reviewing Grindhouse movies, the shock rock of new wave, Alex Jones singing our favorite childhood anthems, and what movies you can willingly one star on Netflix. All this and the weirdest hentai subtitle translation of all time!

We start things off with a bit of a music video oddity. In the early 80s, Alice Cooper was too drunk to remember what his image was. So with a little help from some friendly neighborhood synthesizers, he released one of the greatest underappreciated synthpop CDs, Flush the Fashion, with its single "Clones (We're All)," which has since been covered by the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Penal Colony, Bile, and others:

Also discussed and recommended this week was the 1995 cyberpunk thriller "Strange Days," directed by Katheryn Bigelow and written by her ex-husband James Cameron. It's recently been added to Netflix Instant, so there's no reason to avoid it:

And, if you learn anything from episode 423, let it be that Honeycomb Big, yeah yeah yeah, as big as a GIANT: