Episode 420 - "Why Would ACME Make Such A Product?"

Welcome back my friends to the podcast that is buried under 3 feet of pure ice. This week on Fair Use Law, the recently thawed out Triceratops Tribunal discuss the coming Super Bowl and it's effective male repulsion, the horrible invention that is Pajama Jeans, the sad realization that the live action Smurf movie is definitely happening, a flashback to an ironic flag football injury, and help a listener with a Steampunk concern. All this and Glenn Beck vs. a Stegosaurus on episode 420!

How are you going to celebrate this Porn Sunday? The XXX Church has a few ideas of things you probably shouldn't be doing but will totally be doing anyways:

When you are done with all your Porn Sunday "activities," what's the best way to lounge around the house and recoup? Pajama Jeans, of course! They are as fashionably as real jeans and as low class and tacky as pajama pants.

With the Black Eyed Peas as Halftime entertainment for the big game, you have to wonder just who they turned down to settle on such a pick. If they are truly desperate for someone next year, may I recommend Ray Stevens, of the Streak fame. Not only are all his songs as universally awful as "Time Of My Life (Dirty Bit)," they are all vaguely racist against Muslims and full of pigheaded crazy-conservative conspiracy theories and doublespeak. Put him onstage with Toby Keith and we have a show America can be proud of:

Want to avoid Porn Sunday and/or football all together? Why not spend the Lord's Day the way God intended: by gawking over Bai Ling's incredibly weird nipples. There's no better place to do so in than with the Cyberpunk Direct-To-DVD "classic" Gene Generation:

If you are a University with access to an animation studio and Tetsuo the Iron Man director Shinya Tsukamoto, who wouldn't attempt to make a short viral clip to help promote your campus? I'm sure the follow clip will tell you all you need to know about the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, Italy:

And lastly, a very rare and a very backstage glimpse into the makings of a Wrestlemania. This year's big rasslin' event will take place in the Georgia Dome, and they just posted the following video on YouTube showing the WWE's pyrotechnic artists running some tests fireworks off to see what they could get away with on the field. Warning: it could get loud: