Episode 424 - "Welcome To The Hometown Buffet Of My Armageddon"

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Episode 242 of the Fair Use Law Podcast. The reunited Triceratops Tribunal huddle up in the secret dungeon of podcasting to discuss a variety of topics including the real person who's WINNING in this Charlie Sheen mess, a thorough review of all geek-centric TV shows on broadcast TV today, the worst thing you could ever see while lasertagging, and Natalie Portman becoming this generation's Murphy Brown. All this and more Netflix movie recommendations made fresh to order just for you.

This week on the podcast, we continued our WINNING streak of recommending new Netflix Instant films for you to peruse. This week's selection was the super low budget but ultra high quality indie love story-cum-alien invasion movie, Monsters:

This week also marked the joyous re-reunion of my DVD of Cloverfield and my person. To celebrate I give you a video that only I might get, but if you are crazy enough to figure out what it is, you will love me for it. I give you "It's a Lion!"

Hulk Hogan angered the WWE this week by announcing that his good friend the "Mouth from the South" Jimmy Hart was returning to Wrestlemania to manage Jerry the King Lawler before the WWE itself could. Does Jimmy Hart managing Lawler sound odd to you? It might because you remember the #1 smash hit of the 80s: Wimpbusters!

And finally this week we discuss the recent Oscar win of Trent Reznor and his musical heterosexual life partner Atticus Ross. While I hate posting videos from You Tube that are just music with a slideshow, this video for the band Error's Homicide shows various pics of the CD itself. Marvel at how it's both a mini-CD and a regular sized CD at the same time, thereby making it the most powerful CD of all: