Episode 205 - "Don't cross the streams, go down the river!"

With episode 5 of the second case file of the Fair Use Law podcast, the tribunal decides that they, indeed, like to eat dangerously:

Following up on our e3 discussions, Microsoft has used millions of dollars worth of research, development, and technological advances to bring us not only a look at what our Xbox 360 Avatars' shoes look like, but one of the more annoyingly charming memes of late:

One game that I'm generally looking forward to and think will hit home with a lot of you reading this would have to be the Xbox Live Arcade game, 'Splosion Man:

I used to think our listenership consisted solely of John and Kate Plus 8. Apparently now it's John and a friggin' Child Torture Lovin' Supervillain Plus 8 Dehydrated Victims:

Combining two topics with one YouTube, here's a mix of Daft Punk's best song with senseless gnome violence from World of Warcraft:

And finally, how's the weather look this week, TNA monster Abyss?